Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphedema is an Autoimmune disease.

Getting a lymphatic drainage massage is the “key” to reducing and maintaining the disorder.

Sadly, there is no cure; but, therapists who specialize in this modality can drain excess fluids and provide relief.

It can affect the whole body or parts of the body and is more common in females than males.

there are three Lymphedema stages:

  • Minor fluid buildup and skin tightness
  • Excessive fluid buildup and tissue hardening (Fibrosis)
  • Pinning (any pressure leaves an imprint on the skin) and Fibrosis

Getting a light to moderate fluid massage and maintaining self-care can ease discomfort.

Manipulating the tissue and decreasing lymphatic fluid restores circulation, mobility, and eases swelling.

60 minutes $120.

90 minutes $150.